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Zimek Technologies, LLC

Zimek Technologies, LLC

Zimek Technologies, LLC


8810 Commodity Circle, Suite 27

Orlando, FL 32819-9065

United States of America

Toll-free: 800.719.4635

Phone: 800-719-4635

Fax: 407.373.0379

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ZIMEK is a global manufacturer and distributor of the only truly effective indoor sterilizing system that can safely kill harmful and deadly environmental contaminants including MRSA, the bird flu virus, hospital or “other nosocomial” pathogens, mold and mildew, the Norwalk virus, insects, allergens, AND MORE!

ZIMEKs Mission Statement: ZIMEKs mission is to design, manufacture, market, and distribute its three-dimensional micro-particle sterilizing generators and EPA-registered specially-formulated disinfectants. ZIMEK cleans and disinfects indoor air and interior surfaces to significantly improve the health and safety of the public inhabiting indoor spaces by killing dangerous and deadly environmental contaminants and to HELP SAVE LIVES.

ZIMEKs Vision Statement The New Standard of Care for Indoor Air and Surface Quality:ZIMEK is the new standard of care for indoor air and surface quality. Custodians of interior, publicly-used environments who fail to satisfy their duty to protect the health and safety of the public by eradicating known and harmful environmental contaminants will be held accountable for failure to utilize the SAFE but highly effective ZIMEK micro-particle sterilizing treatment.

ZIMEK is the most effective sterilizing and disinfecting treatment in the World.

The fourth greatest cause of death in the United States is hospital infections which are estimated to kill in excess of 103,000 people each year and costs hospitals over $30 billion dollars. The threat of the pandemic from the bird flu virus and the ever-increasing contamination of public spaces by should energize all custodians of publicly-used interior environments to ask one simple question: How can interior spaces be effectively cleaned to kill MRSA and the bird flu virus for the protection and safety of their human inhabitants? The only answer is . . . ZIMEK.

Zimek Technologies, LLC (“ZIMEK”) and Zimek Technologies IP, LLC (“ZIMEK IP”) are independent Florida limited liability companies that are exclusively managed by Zimek Technologies Management Company, a Florida corporation. All intellectual properties which are related in any way to ZIMEKs micro-particle sterilizing technology are exclusively owned by ZIMEK IP, including, without limitation, all patents pending, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, technological developments, proprietary rights, and micro-particle generator specifications and design rights. ZIMEK is licensed to manufacture, promote, market, and sell the patent pending ZIMEK micro-particle generators and ZIMEKs EPA-registered disinfectants pursuant to an exclusive licensing agreement with ZIMEK IP.

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