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DataData Inc

DataData Inc

DataData Inc


611 S Palm Canyon Drive #7101

Palm Springs, CA 92264

United States of America

Phone: 760-322-3727

Fax: 760-406-4276

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Data Assurance delivers cost-effective storage solutions to meet new stringent data retention and access regulations, such as HIPAA (healthcare), Sarbanes-Oxley (SEC), and DoD requirements for government and military applications.

These solutions are optimized for Unix platforms including Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, and Linux, and utilize optical (CD, DVD. Blu-Ray) disc recording and RAID/hard disk for long term data archival, scheduled backups, content management, secure access, and distribution.

Based on a portable, modular architecture, Data Assurance storage solutions are cross-platform compatible, scalable, expandable, reliable, easy-to-use, easy to integrate into different environments and applications, and easily upgraded and enhanced.

Categories for DataData Inc:

Courts / Legislative Case Management
Health and Human Services Medical Records Management
Libraries / Museums / Enrichment Library and Archival Equipment
Public Safety / Homeland Security Dispatch Software
Public Safety / Homeland Security Law Enforcement Software
Public Safety / Homeland Security Records Management
Technology Accountable Mail
Technology Asset Management
Technology Computer Data Storage
Technology Government Records Management
Technology Label Printer
Technology Public Safety Software