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LexisNexis Payment Solutions

LexisNexis Payment Solutions

LexisNexis Payment Solutions


P.O. Box 1703

Brentwood, TN 37024-1703

United States of America

Phone: 800-669-8313 EXT 6806

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LexisNexis Payment Solutions streamlines the payment process between government agencies and their consumers - and we do it all AT NO AGENCY COST. There is no agency cost for equipment, supplies, maintenance fees, customer support or to integrate with an agency's current system. We even pay all associated credit card fees, manage charge backs and provide same-day settlement processing.

LexisNexis Payment Solutions provides flexible payment solutions developed specifically for government agencies to accept consumer payments through multiple platforms, including:
- Online Credit Card/E-Check Payments,
- IVR Phone Payments,
- Credit and/or Debit Payments at the Counter,
- Internal Office System Payments,
- Payments by Mail.

Our easy, secure and convenient payment options allow consumers to make payments 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, all without agency staff having to process an endless stream of bill payments. Contact us today to learn more.

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