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TranSystems Corporation

TranSystems Corporation

TranSystems Corporation

Steven Tafuro


2400 Pershing Road, Suite 400

Kansas City, MO 64108

United States of America

Phone: 562-594-6974

Fax: 562-594-6975

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Think vertical. Move horizontal. As a transportation company, our successand our credibility within the industrycome down to these two simple thoughts.

Our clients know they can look to us for expertise across all transportation modes, and down through every market sector. And we consistently deliver on every challenge put before us.

The result? Integrated, inter-operable solutions that successfully move whatever needs to go from here . . . to there.

It''s more than a promise, it''s a proven fact . . .

Because we know that until we understand the challenge there are no solutions.
Because we recognize that every technical challenge is actually a business or system challenge.
Because we bring an integrated expertise to every projecta profound understanding of individual modes, their overlaps, and their inter-operability.
Because we have the vision to see along the entire network, seek out inefficiencies, and control costs.
Because we never lose sight of the fact that livesand livelihoodsdepend on the solutions we deliver.
Moving people and products from here . . . to there. TranSystems does it best.

So where do you want to go?

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