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RollCall - Pro by Current Works, Inc.

RollCall - Pro by Current Works, Inc.

RollCall - Pro by Current Works, Inc.


PO Box 203

Ringwood, IL 60072

United States of America

Toll-free: 888-526-1200

Phone: 888-526-1200

Fax: 847-497-9680

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This RollCall-Pro system is a combination of computer software and multiple wireless input keypads. This system is designed for public and private boards, like City Councils, County Boards, School Boards and other Private/Public Boards of Directors.

With this system a Board can publicly display, manage and record official activities during their meetings, including:

- Presence and Absence of Members
- Members' Move & Second Motions
- Requests to Speak on Issues
- Roll Call Voting Process

The Software runs on a computer in the meeting and each Board Member has their own wireless keypad for inputting their information into the computer. The computer screen is projected onto a large public screen or monitors, like PowerPoint, for public display of meeting activities. Such public display can also be broadcast directly for TV or internet viewing.
The activities of the meeting are saved on the computer, in the background, for later use in construction of the meeting's minutes.

Example of pricing: a system for 18 voting members costs $9,000 to $16,000 depending on level of software needed.
Contact us for a free preview of the system and a Quote for your specific situation.
A brief 3-Minute Movie on the website ( explains the operation and benefits of this system.

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