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RTS Companies

RTS Companies

Grahm Lobban


1027 Industrial Place, P.O. Box 179

St. Clements, ON NOB2MO


Toll-free: 800-663-2803

Phone: 519-699-0022

Fax: 519-699-0027

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RTS Plastics manufactures quality rotational molded playground components at our facilities in Waterloo, Ontario and stocks most of our components in Kennesaw, Georgia. Our years of expertise and knowledge gained from servicing dedicated playground customers provides us with a wealth of information concerning your needs. But it does not stop there. Your insight and comments are essential in building a successful business partnership. Our goal is to provide quality components and exemplary service to you, our customer. Our ability to attain this goal is dependent on your input.

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Parks and Recreation Playground Accessories
Parks and Recreation Playground Equipment