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NCSPlus Incorporated

NCSPlus Incorporated

NCSPlus Incorporated

Harve Platig


117 E 24th Street 5th Floor

New York, NY 10010

United States of America

Toll-free: 800-363-7215 ext 3646

Phone: 321-332-7578

Fax: 212-213-3320

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NCSPlus Incorporated is an Accounts Receivable Management firm working to recover delinquent accounts and bad checks for over 35,000 businesses, government entities, educational institutions and medical practices throughout the country. The NCSPlus Cash Recovery System increases recovery rate, lowers collection costs, and improves cash flow.

Unlike most collection agencies, NCSPlus charges only a low, one-time flat fee per account. Because NCSPlus is not compensated based upon a percentage of the debt, each and every case is worked in the same systematic way regardless of the size of the balance, the age of the account, or the location of the debtor, with all recovered money sent directly from the debtor to you. At your option, unpaid accounts are reported to all three national credit reporting bureaus at no additional charge. Claims can be submitted online, via electronic spreadsheet, or file transfer protocol.
NCSPlus is recommended by hundreds of professional and business associations, including the Florida Association of Counties (FAC).

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