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Marty Fraley


P O Box 567

Brainerd, MN 56401

United States of America

Phone: 800-950-3320

Fax: 800-950-9301

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GLSports is a major distributor of athletic, fitness and physical education equipment committed to providing services and products to internally enhance organizations and teams.

GLSports sells products directly to various orgainization buyers through Sports Specific Football Equipment and Clothing Catalogs, Web Site and National Sports Expert Representatives and Fitting Staff.

GLSports competes by leading the market at three different levels:
1. Quality of Products manufacturer and vendor relationships, product knowledge, product exclusives, product review and qualification.
2. Price buying leverage, manufacturer and vendor relationships, knowing organizational needs, direct manufacturing.
3. Service easy to do business with, ability to work within purchase order systems, prompt delivery, and immediate response.

GLSports offers Better Product Selection, Better Pricing, Better Service!

For more than 25 years, GLSports has adapted to help your team stay competitive as possible. We're in the game for all levels from Pop Warner to the Pros.

GLSports Clothing Specialists find the “Value” Uniforms for you. GLSports customers benefit from choosing the best uniform and equipment available at several price points and quality levels.

In-House “We-Care” lettering departments.

GLSports employees are athletes themselves from the NFL level down and understand the depth of your commitment and have dedicated themselves to giving you the “GLSports Big Six” - Convenience, Service, Speed, Quality, Style, and Value.

Categories for GLSports:

Parks and Recreation Fitness and Sports Equipment