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Champagne Edition, Inc. - Eco-flex

Champagne Edition, Inc. - Eco-flex

Champagne Edition, Inc. - Eco-flex


Box 29, Site 13, RR1

Legal, AB T0G 1L0


Toll-free: 866-326-3539

Phone: 780-961-3229

Fax: 780-961-3277

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To become the pre-eminent manufacturer of value added, end use, innovative products, made from 100% recycled rubber, and to ensure all recyclable rubber is utilized in the most valuable manner for the environment, and the world.

Champagne Edition Inc. was founded by Alan Champagne, CEO in October, 1992. The company is an industry leader in the manufacturing of high value, end use, recycled rubber products in Canada and throughout the world. The company operates out of a 30,000 square foot plant, which is situated 30 minutes north of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Champagne Edition employs on average between 40-50 employees year round. The company utilizes approximately 1 million pounds of recycled rubber each month, equivalent to 62,000 raw tires. All raw material is Alberta based, however the company anticipates outsourcing raw material by the year 2002 based on increased consumer demand for the company''s high quality products.

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